Mora M125RTS Bar Fridge Titanium Silver

Presenting the elegant and small Mora 90L Bar Fridge, a refrigerator that keeps your drinks and nibbles cold. It looks great in any room because to its rounded door design and incorporated Titanium Silver handle. For tidy snack organization, there are three door racks and one shelf inside. With an A energy efficiency rating, it uses less electricity to keep everything cool. With a maximum noise level of just 39 dB(A), the fridge runs quietly and has LED internal lighting for easy access.



Meet the Mora 90L Bar Fridge, a compact and stylish fridge that’s perfect for keeping your snacks and drinks cool and fresh. It stands 842mm tall, 475mm wide, and 448mm deep, so it’s just the right size for your room or office. Here are some features:

  • Cool Design: It comes in Titanium Silver color with a rounded door profile and an integrated handle, making it easy to open.
  • Chill Out: It keeps everything nice and cold with a temperature range from 0°C to 8°C. Just right for chilling drinks and keeping fruits fresh.
  • Light Up: The fridge has an LED interior light, so you can find your snacks even when it’s dark in your room.
  • Handy Shelves and Racks: Inside, you’ll find one shelf and three door storage racks. Perfect for organizing your snacks and drinks neatly.
  • No Noise: It’s super quiet with a maximum noise level of only 39 dB(A). You won’t even notice it humming away.
  • Energy Saver: It’s energy efficient with an A rating, which means it saves electricity while keeping everything cool.
  • No Fuss: The fridge is easy to take care of with a manual defrosting system and a handy defrost water outlet.

Whether you need a quick drink or a cool snack, the Mora 90L Bar Fridge is your perfect companion for keeping things cool and fresh right where you need them.