Hisense H370BIT 264lt (Combi) Refrigerator

With its stylish design and practical features, the Hisense H370BIT Combi Refrigerator is an excellent complement to any kitchen. comprising 201 liters for the refrigerator and 63 liters for the freezer, for a total capacity of 264 liters. It requires less maintenance thanks to its automatic defrosting features for the freezer and refrigerator sections. The thermostat lets you to regulate the temperature, and the LED inside lighting makes it easier to see within. Along with amenities like an ice cube tray and a defrost water outlet, the refrigerator has transparent shelves and door racks for organized storage. The Hisense H370BIT is a terrific option for keeping your food fresh and your kitchen looking fashionable since it is made to be effective, dependable, and user-friendly overall.



The Hisense H370BIT Combi Refrigerator is a versatile appliance perfect for any kitchen. With its sleek Titanium Inox finish and rounded door profile, it adds a modern touch to your home.

  • Spacious Storage: It offers a total capacity of 264 liters, with 201 liters dedicated to the fridge and 63 liters to the freezer.
  • Cool Features: The freezer is rated 4 stars, ensuring foods stay frozen at their best. It can freeze up to 3 kilograms of food in just 24 hours.
  • User-Friendly Design: The fridge is equipped with transparent shelves and door racks for easy organization. It also has an LED interior light that makes it simple to find things, even at night.
  • Convenient Extras: There’s a handy defrost water outlet and an ice cube tray included. Plus, the fridge has a reversible door, so it can open from either side to fit your kitchen layout perfectly.
  • Energy Efficient: It’s rated A for energy efficiency, which means it saves electricity while keeping everything cool.
  • Reliable and Quiet: It operates quietly with a maximum noise level of just 42 dB(A).
  • Dimensions and Weight: It measures 550mm wide, 566mm deep, and 1805mm tall without the handle. When packed for shipping, it measures 583mm wide, 591mm deep, and 1873mm tall, weighing 50.5 kilograms net and 55 kilograms gross.

The Hisense H370BIT Combi Refrigerator is not only a great addition to your kitchen but also a practical choice for keeping your food fresh and organized.