Hisense H225TWH 154lt (Combi) Refrigerator white

Designed in a clean white hue that complements any kitchen decor, the Hisense H225TWH Combi Refrigerator is a handy and small refrigerator with an integrated handle. It has a 154-liter capacity overall, of which 113 liters are used for the refrigerator and 41 liters for the freezer. The refrigerator has crispers to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables, as well as storage sections on the door for convenient access to beverages and condiments. This refrigerator is ideal for tiny rooms or as an extra storage option in your house because it is 475 mm wide, 491 mm deep, and 1440 mm high.



The Hisense H225TWH Combi Refrigerator is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, offering a perfect blend of functionality and style. With its integrated handle and sleek white color, this fridge not only looks modern but also fits seamlessly into any home decor. Here’s a detailed look at what makes this refrigerator a great choice:

  • Type/Appliance: Combi Fridge, which means it combines both a refrigerator and a freezer in one unit.
  • Aesthetics: Integrated handle for a smooth and clean look.
  • Available Color: White, ensuring it matches well with most kitchen designs.

Basic Features:

  • Net Capacity: It has a total capacity of 154 liters.
    • The fridge compartment offers 113 liters of space for keeping fruits, vegetables, beverages, and other perishable items fresh.
    • The freezer compartment provides 41 liters of storage capacity for frozen foods like ice cream, frozen vegetables, and meat.

Fridge Compartment:

  • Fridge Door Storage Compartments: Yes, allowing you to organize drinks, condiments, and smaller items conveniently on the door shelves.
  • Crisper(s): Yes, there is at least one crisper drawer provided for storing fruits and vegetables, helping to keep them fresh longer.

Packing Dimensions & Loadability:

  • Dimensions (W×D×H): 475 × 491 × 1440 mm, making it compact enough to fit into smaller kitchens while offering ample storage space inside.

Whether you’re storing fresh groceries or keeping frozen treats ready for dessert, the Hisense H225TWH Combi Refrigerator ensures everything stays organized and accessible with its thoughtful design and efficient use of space. Perfect for families looking for a reliable fridge that combines functionality with a stylish appearance.