Hisense H760FS-ID | (French Door) Refrigerator

Introducing the French door refrigerator, the Hisense H760FS-ID! It’s not just any fridge, though; it has a large freezer drawer underneath and two doors on top for storage, all encased in gleaming stainless steel. With an A+ rating for electricity savings, this refrigerator is incredibly intelligent and energy-efficient. With unique features like automatic defrosting and adjustable spill-proof shelves, it keeps your food fresh and beverages cool. You can always find your goodies inside because to its stylish LED lights. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to operate it even from your phone. Families who enjoy snacks and require a chic kitchen refrigerator will find it ideal.



Introducing the Hisense H760FS-ID French Door Refrigerator, a super-cool addition to any kitchen that’s designed to keep your food fresh and your drinks icy. Here’s a breakdown that’s easy to understand:

  • Cool Design: It’s a big fridge with two doors on top for the fridge and a big drawer below for the freezer. The handles are built right into the doors, and it looks shiny in stainless steel.
  • How Big Is It? The fridge has a lot of space—674 liters in total! The fridge part holds 396 liters, and the freezer holds 140 liters, so there’s room for all your favorite snacks and treats.
  • Keeps Air Moving: Air flows all around inside, so everything stays cold evenly.
  • Easy Cleaning: The shelves are spill-proof and easy to clean, and the glass is toughened to keep it safe.
  • Easy Control: There are buttons on the door to set the temperature and make the fridge even colder or freezer even frostier when you need it.
  • Alerts You: It even tells you if you forget to close the door, so your food stays fresh and yummy.
  • Saving Energy: It’s super good at saving electricity with an A+ rating, which means it’s kind to your wallet and the planet.
  • Wi-Fi Connected: You can connect it to Wi-Fi to control it from your phone—that’s like magic!
  • Lights Up Inside: LED lights shine bright inside so you can always find your snacks, even at night.
  • No More Ice Scraping: You don’t have to scrape ice because it defrosts itself—how cool is that
  • Dimensions: It’s about 914mm wide, 730mm deep, and 1785mm tall, which means it fits nicely into most kitchens.