Hisense H370BIT-WD 263lt (Combi) Refrigerator

A stylish complement to any kitchen is the water dispenser-equipped Hisense H370BIT-WD Combi Refrigerator. It has a rounded door, a recessed handle, and a fashionable Titanium Inox hue. With a 263 liter capacity, it offers plenty of room inside for storing food and beverages. With automated defrosting and LED inside lighting, the refrigerator maintains freshness throughout. It’s ideal for keeping snacks and drinks cold without creating noise because it uses less electricity and runs silently.



The Hisense H370BIT-WD Combi Refrigerator with a water dispenser is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, combining style and functionality with ease.

  • Cool Design: With its sleek Titanium Inox finish and rounded door profile, it looks modern and fits perfectly in any home kitchen.
  • Spacious Storage: It offers a total capacity of 263 liters, with 200 liters for the fridge and 63 liters for the freezer.
  • Water Dispenser: The built-in water dispenser makes it easy to grab a refreshing drink anytime without opening the fridge door. Just press the button and enjoy.
  • Convenient Features: The fridge compartment has three transparent shelves and a crisper for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. It also includes a door water tank for easy access to chilled water.
  • Energy Efficient: Rated A for energy efficiency.
  • User-Friendly: The fridge has a reversible door, allowing you to open it from either side to fit your kitchen layout perfectly. It also comes with adjustable feet and castors for easy movement and leveling.
  • Dimensions and Weight: It measures 550mm wide, 566mm deep, and 1805mm tall without the handle. When packed for shipping, it measures 583mm wide, 591mm deep, and 1873mm tall, weighing 50.5 kilograms net and 55 kilograms gross.

The Hisense H370BIT-WD Combi Refrigerator with a water dispenser is not only practical but also fun to use, ensuring your food stays fresh and your drinks stay cool whenever you need them.