Hisense H750FSB-ID 541lt (Multi-Door) Refrigerator

It’s like having a large refrigerator and freezer all in one with this Hisense multi-door refrigerator! Its large inside storage capacity makes it extremely cool. Fruits and vegetables may be kept fresh in the fridge section thanks to its unique sections with movable shelves. It also has an incredibly cool feature that, when placed inside, quickly cools objects. With drawers you can pull out to get your favorite frozen sweets like ice cream, the freezer section is also fantastic. It’s even equipped with an inside bright light so that everything is well visible. Moreover, it has a sleek black stainless-steel tone that complements any kitchen beautifully.



This Hisense refrigerator is a great option for families searching for dependable and practical kitchen equipment because it not only offers plenty of storage space and cutting-edge cooling technologies, but also prioritizes energy efficiency and user-friendliness.

  • Product Type: Cross Door Multi-Door Refrigerator
  • Design: Free-standing with a flat door profile and integrated handle, available in Black Stainless steel
  • Total Capacity: Spacious 541 liters, ideal for large families
  • Fridge Compartment: Offers a net capacity of 347L for regular items and 3L chill zone, equipped with 2 adjustable spill-proof shelves and 2 glass shelves on the crisper
  • Freezer Compartment: Features a net capacity of 84L plus an additional 12L for My Fresh Choice items, with 2 drawers + 1 tray on each side, and 2 glass shelves per side
  • Climate Class: Suitable for various ambient temperatures: N=1632°C, ST=1638°C, T=16~43°C
  • Cooling System: Uses R600a coolant with 72g charge, ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly operation
  • Energy Efficiency: A+ energy rating with low energy consumption of 441 kWh per year
  • Noise Level: Operates quietly with a maximum noise level of 43 dB(A)
  • Features: Automatic defrosting for both fridge and freezer, frost-free technology, and multi-airflow system for consistent cooling
  • Special Features: Includes super cooling and super freezing functions for rapid chilling and freezing, adjustable thermostat for customized temperature settings
  • Interior Details: LED lighting in both fridge (5W) and freezer (2x 0.6W), tempered glass for durability, and a humidity-controlled crisper for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh
  • Convenience: Equipped with an electronic control system, inner and external LED displays for easy monitoring, and adjustable feet for stability
  • Accessories: Comes with a defrost water outlet, ice cube trays, and 2 egg trays for added organization
  • Dimensions: Unit dimensions without handle: 912 x 725 x 1785mm; Packing dimensions: 968 x 778 x 1901mm; Depth with open door: 1046.5mm
  • Weight: Net weight of 150kg and gross weight of 159kg, ensuring stability and durability
  • Power Supply: Operates on a voltage of 220-240V at a frequency of 50Hz, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical systems