Hisense H370BMI-WD 263lt (Combi) Refrigerator Black mirror

Introducing the stylish Black Mirror-finished Hisense H370BMI-WD Refrigerator. It has a large capacity of 263 liters. Additionally, it is quite effective at conserving energy, which lowers the need for electricity. Its compact tap makes it simple to receive cold water, and it’s simple to remove, fill, and clean the water tank. There’s a dedicated space inside for large bottles and several cans. You can easily see everything inside thanks to the LED lights, and the shelves can be moved to accommodate all of your favorite foods. It’s the ideal option for any kitchen.



Presenting the elegant Black Mirror-finished Hisense H370BMI-WD Combi Refrigerator, which combines strong functionality with sleek design. These are a few features.

  • Cool Looks: It’s finished in sleek Black Mirror.
  • Lots of Space: This fridge can hold up to 263 liters.
  • Keeps Things Fresh: With Defrost Cooling, your food stays fresh longer because it keeps the inside just the right temperature.
  • Super Energy Saver: It’s so smart that it gets an A for energy efficiency, which means it doesn’t use too much electricity.
  • Easy to Open: The handle is built right into the door.
  • Cool Water on Tap: There’s a special ultra-thin water dispenser which holds up to 2 liters of water
  • No Spills: The water tank is easy to take out, fill up, and clean, so you can always have fresh water without any mess.
  • Move Things Around: You can adjust the shelves inside or take them out completely, which is great for fitting in tall bottles or organizing your food.
  • Stays Steady: Even if your kitchen floor isn’t flat, the fridge stays steady with adjustable feet that keep it from wobbling.
  • Fits Anywhere: It’s just the right size for almost any kitchen, with dimensions of 550 x 566 x 1805 mm, so you can find the perfect spot for it.