Hisense H630BSB-WD (Bottom-Mount) Refrigerator

The Hisense Model H630BSB-WD Refrigerator is now available! With so many amazing functions for your kitchen, this refrigerator is really cool. It is sleek and black, with enough of room inside to keep all of your food and beverages cool. Energy-efficient: With an A+ rating, it uses very little energy. Cooling Power: With a 4-star rating for quick freezing, this freezer is incredibly powerful.Simple to Use: It includes movable shelves and a dedicated drawer to keep your vegetables fresh.Convenient Features: It even beeps if you leave the door open for too long and has a cool LED light inside so you can always see what’s inside!For families who enjoy delectable snacks and wish to keep everything organized, this refrigerator is ideal.


Introducing the Hisense Model H630BSB-WD Refrigerator! This fridge is packed with features to keep your food fresh and your drinks icy cold.

  • Type: This refrigerator is a single-door style.
  • Colors: It comes in a sleek black color that looks super stylish in any kitchen.
  • Energy Efficiency: It’s super-efficient and gets an A+ rating for saving energy.
  • Capacity: It has a big space of 500 liters inside.
  • Cooling Power:  4-star rating for freezing food quickly.
  • Frost-Free: Say goodbye to icy buildup inside—this fridge keeps itself frost-free.
  • Multi Airflow: The cool air flows all around inside to keep everything evenly chilled.
  • Adjustable Shelves: You can move the shelves around to fit big stuff like cakes or lots of veggies.
  • LED Light: Lights up inside so you can see everything clearly.
  • Control Panel: Easy buttons to adjust the temperature and cool things down super-fast when you need to.
  • Dimensions: It’s about 794mm wide, 698mm deep, and 1725mm tall.
  • Weight: It weighs 86 kilograms when it’s empty.
  • Noise Level: It’s really quiet, only 43 decibels when it’s running.
  • Extras: It even has a place to make ice cubes and a water tank inside the door.