Hisense H520FI-WD 392lt (Multi-Door) Refrigerator

The sleek Titanium Inox-colored Hisense H415BIT-WD freestanding refrigerator has a rounded door and an integrated handle. Total internal capacity is 305 liters, of which 95 liters are used for the freezer and 210 liters for the refrigerator. It produces only 39 dB(A) of noise when operating, which is extremely quiet. Both the internal temperature and the shelving can be changed. It also conserves electricity and maintains the freshness and coldness of your food because it is energy-efficient.



Introducing the Hisense H520FI-WD Multi-Door Refrigerator. Here is some Features:

  • Design: It has integrated handles that look extremely great, and the brushed stainless-steel finish gives your kitchen a streamlined appeal.
  • Capacity: It has a maximum capacity of 392 liters for food and beverages.
  • Cooling Power: To maintain the temperature, it makes use of a unique coolant known as R600a. It won’t bother you when it’s operating either because it’s incredibly quiet, producing only 42 dB(A) of noise.
  • Organization: To keep fruits and vegetables fresh, the refrigerator features two glass shelves, a plastic wine rack, and two crispers. The light blue door features racks to hold food and drinks, among other items.
  • Freezer: The freezer has drawers and trays to keep your ice cream, frozen pizza, and other frozen treats organized and easy to find.
  • Energy Efficiency: Its high efficiency in conserving electricity ensures that it won’t use excessive power. It receives an A+ for energy efficiency because of this.
  • Dimensions: It measures 794mm wide, 643mm deep, and 1816.5mm tall.