Hisense H450BIT-WD 347lt (Combi) Refrigerator

In any kitchen, the Hisense H450BIT-WD Combi Refrigerator is a chic and effective accessory. Along with integrated handles and a flat door shape, it comes in a sleek titanium silver finish. You have plenty of room to store all your groceries in its 347 liter capacity, which includes 248 liters for the refrigerator and 99 liters for the freezer. It is both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, with an A+ rating that will help you reduce your power costs. Durability and cleaning convenience are increased by the tempered glass and adjustable spill-proof shelves. Snugly fitting into your kitchen plan, this gadget combines convenience and style in one package. Its measurements are 595 mm wide by 590 mm deep and 1850 mm high.


The Hisense H450BIT-WD Combi Refrigerator is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, offering both style and functionality. Here is some feature:
  • Cool Design: The refrigerator comes in a cool titanium silver color with a sleek flat door profile and integrated handles.
  • Spacious Inside: It has a large capacity of 347 liters, with 248 liters for the fridge and 99 liters for the freezer. That’s plenty of space for storing all your favorite foods and drinks!
  • Energy Saver: It’s super-efficient with an A+ energy rating, which means it saves electricity and helps protect the environment.
  • Handy Features: You can adjust the spill-proof shelves inside, and they’re made of strong tempered glass. The LED light inside makes it easy to see everything, even in the dark.
  • Freezer Fun: The freezer has three drawers and even comes with an ice cube tray for making ice whenever you need it.
  • Easy to clean: The fridge is easy to clean, with a special seal on the door that keeps it tidy inside.
  • Dimensions:
    • Unit dimensions with Integrated handle: 595 mm wide, 590 mm deep, 1850 mm high.
    • Packing dimensions: 625 mm wide, 620 mm deep, 1921 mm high.
  • Other Cool Stuff: It has a reversible door, so you can open it from the left or right to fit your kitchen layout.