Hisense H15DTG 15 place dishwasher

Up to 15 sets of dishes can be cleaned at once by the Hisense H15DTG dishwasher. Its elegant black style, together with its silver accents and sophisticated LED display, make it a standout piece for any kitchen. It’s also incredibly intelligent, utilizing precisely the correct quantity of water and electricity to leave everything spotless. A variety of washing programs are available, such as Eco for energy conservation or Intensive for extremely dirty dishes. With symbols for on and off, starting later, and even a kid-specific lock, the buttons are simple to operate. It’s also safe because it has mechanisms to limit how much water it consumes and guard against using too much. All in all, it’s a fantastic dishwasher that will leave your dishes shining.



The Hisense H15DTG 15 place dishwasher is a powerful appliance designed to make dishwashing easy and efficient. It can handle up to 15 sets of dishes at once, thanks to its spacious interior with 3 baskets. Operating at a quiet 49 dB, it won’t disturb the household during use. The dishwasher is energy efficient with an A++ rating, consuming only 0.965 kWh per cycle (270 kWh annually), which helps save on electricity bills. It uses 11 liters of water per cycle and offers a range of 8 cleaning programs, including Intensive, Eco, and Rapid, tailored to different cleaning needs. The electronic touch control panel allows for easy operation with functions like delay start, half load, and child lock. Equipped with upper, lower, and top spray arms and a natural drying system, it ensures thorough cleaning and drying. Safety features include overflow protection, ensuring peace of mind during operation. The dishwasher’s sleek black design with LED display and silver accents adds a modern touch to any kitchen.

  • Capacity: 15 place settings, suitable for a large family’s dishes
  • Energy Efficiency: A++ rating, saves energy and reduces electricity costs
  • Water Consumption: Uses 11 liters of water per cycle, conserving water resources
  • Noise Level: Operates quietly at 49 dB, minimizing household noise
  • Cleaning Programs: Offers 8 programs including Intensive, Eco, and Rapid for versatile cleaning options
  • Control Panel: Electronic touch control with intuitive functions for easy operation
  • Safety Features: Includes overflow protection system for added safety during use
  • Design: Sleek black body with LED display and silver decoration, enhancing kitchen aesthetic
  • Dimensions: Compact unit size of 600 x 600 x 845 mm fits seamlessly in most kitchens.