Hisense H13DETG 13 Place Dishwasher

Presenting the Hisense 13-Storage Dishwasher This freestanding dishwasher has a sleek gray body with a door and panel made of ABS that match, and an LED display that is easy to use. It has a roomy capacity of thirteen place settings. Reliable functioning is ensured by sophisticated features including low water and overflow protection, as well as a kid lock for security. The dishwasher can easily accommodate your unique needs thanks to its practical features, which also include an adjustable upper basket, extra dry mode, half-load capacity, and a 24-hour delay start function. It’s ideal dimensions of 84.5 cm in height, 44.0 cm in width, and 59.6 cm in length combine contemporary style with useful utility to efficiently ease daily dishwashing chores.



Introducing the Hisense 13 Place Dishwasher, a robust appliance designed to streamline your dishwashing experience with advanced features and a sleek aesthetic. This freestanding dishwasher boasts a gray body with a matching ABS panel and door, complemented by an LED display for easy navigation of its functionalities. Equipped with a durable stainless-steel tub and filter, it ensures longevity and effective cleaning performance. The dishwasher’s electronic control system, featuring LED indicators, allows precise program selection tailored to your needs. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Capacity: Accommodates up to 13 place settings, catering to large loads effortlessly.
  • Water Usage: Includes water overflow protection and low water protection, enhancing safety during operation.
  • Features: Offers versatile options such as extra dry mode, half-load capability, and a convenient child lock for added safety.
  • Adjustable Upper Basket: Features a 2-level manual adjustment for flexible loading of dishes and utensils.
  • Delay Start: Allows you to set operations to start anywhere from 1 to 24 hours later, accommodating your schedule.

With dimensions of 84.5 cm (height), 44.0 cm (width), and 59.6 cm (length), this Hisense dishwasher fits seamlessly into standard kitchen spaces while delivering efficient cleaning results. It combines practicality with innovation, making it an essential addition to any modern home seeking reliability, convenience, and energy efficiency in dishwashing tasks.