Hisense H13DX 13 Place Dishwasher Inox

Introduced to you is the Hisense H13DX 13 Place Dishwasher, a need in every contemporary kitchen. It mixes style and efficiency with its elegant Inox finish and A++ energy rating. With a sturdy stainless steel tub and filter, an upper basket that can be adjusted manually on two levels for flexible loading, and practical features like LED electronic control indicators and power-off memory. Use the kid lock to provide security and the drying and washing status indicators to stay informed. With dimensions of 600 mm in width, 596 mm in depth, 845 mm in height, and a weight of 40.00 kg, it is a lightweight yet robust option for your house.



Introducing the Hisense H13DX 13 Place Dishwasher, with its powerful capabilities and chic Inox finish, it’s sure to improve kitchen efficiency.

  • A++ Energy Rating: Ensures efficient energy consumption, saving both money and resources.
  • Stainless Steel Tub and Filter: Provides durability and effective cleaning performance.
  • 2-level Manual Adjustable Upper Basket: Offers flexibility in loading dishes of various sizes.
  • Power Off Memory: Resumes operation from where it left off in case of power interruptions.
  • LED Electronic Control Indicator: Allows for easy monitoring and control of the dishwasher settings.
  • Washing and Drying Status Indicator: Keeps you informed about the progress of your dishes.
  • Child Lock: Ensures safety by preventing accidental operation by children.
  • Dimensions: 600mm width, 596mm depth, 845mm height, fitting conveniently into kitchen spaces.
  • Weight: 40.00kg, combining sturdy build quality with manageable weight for installation and handling.