Hisense H760FSB-WD 575lt (French-Door) Refrigerator

Designed to effortlessly keep your food fresh, the Hisense H760FSB-WD French-Door Refrigerator is a roomy and effective machine. Perfect for any kitchen, this refrigerator has an elegant black finish and external knobs for convenient access. It has a 575-liter capacity overall, of which 435 liters are devoted to refrigeration and 140 liters to freezing. It has cutting-edge features like adjustable spill-proof glass shelves, multiple airflow for steady chilling, and automated defrosting, all of which work quietly at 43 dB(A). Although the control panel with LED display enables accurate temperature adjustment, LED lighting ensures good visibility in both compartments. Its practical features, which are perfect for families, include an open-door alarm, energy-efficient A+ certification, and super chilling and freezing capabilities.



A stylish and contemporary appliance, the Hisense H760FSB-WD French-Door Refrigerator is ideal for keeping your food fresh and well-organized. It’s a fantastic addition to any kitchen with its roomy design and cutting-edge features.

  • Design and Aesthetics: This refrigerator’s sleek black finish gives your kitchen’s decor a sophisticated touch. It also has a flat door profile and an integrated external handle.
  • Capacity & Energy Efficiency: With 435 liters going toward the refrigerator and 140 liters going toward the freezer, it has a massive 575-liter total net capacity. With an outstanding A+ energy efficiency rating, the appliance guarantees energy savings without sacrificing functionality.
  • Cooling and Freezing Performance: Equipped with a 4-star freezer compartment, it can freeze up to 9 kg of food in 24 hours. The refrigerator is frost-free, maintaining optimal temperatures automatically to prevent ice buildup.
  • Key Features: This model includes multi-airflow technology for even cooling throughout both the fridge and freezer sections. It features adjustable spill-proof shelves made of tempered glass, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. LED lighting illuminates both compartments for better visibility.
  • Control and Convenience: The electronic control system with an LED display allows precise temperature adjustments. It offers super cooling and super freezing functions to rapidly chill or freeze items as needed. An open door alarm alerts you if the door is left open too long, helping to maintain energy efficiency.
  • Fridge Compartment Details: Includes two adjustable glass shelves, two crispers, and a full-width fresh drawer for storing various items such as fruits, vegetables, and chilled beverages. It also features door storage racks and a water tank for added convenience.
  • Freezer Compartment Details: Features two drawers and an easy access tray for organizing frozen foods. The transparent drawers allow easy visibility of contents, while LED lighting ensures clear visibility inside the freezer.
  • Additional Features: Comes with adjustable feet and castors for easy mobility and leveling. It includes a defrost water outlet for hassle-free maintenance and meets CE, CB, and GCC certifications for quality and safety standards.
  • Dimensions and Logistics: The refrigerator measures 914 x 725 x 1785 mm (W x D x H) without handles and weighs 115 kg net. It’s designed for easy installation and is packed with recyclable materials, ensuring eco-friendly disposal options.

This Hisense refrigerator combines stylish design with advanced features and ample storage capacity, making it an excellent choice for families and individuals looking for a reliable and efficient cooling solution in their kitchen.