Hisense H45MOMK9 45L Microwave

In addition to heating meals, the Hisense 45L microwave can also grill food. It controls using a knob and buttons. It features a timer that lasts up to 95 minutes and a clock so you can cook for an extended period of time if necessary. It has a safety lock. You can prepare a wide variety of delectable meals and snacks with the eight automatic cooking modes and five power levels.





The Hisense 45L microwave it’s bigger and more powerful than other microwaves, so it can handle cooking lots of different foods. Here’s some specifications:

  • Easy to Use: You can control it using buttons and a knob.
  • Functions: Heating and grilling
  • Digital Clock and Time:  It features a timer with a maximum duration of 95 minutes in addition to a digital clock so you can always know what time it is.
  • Safety First: There’s a special lock to keep it safe so it won’t accidentally turn on when you’re not looking.
  • Automatic Cooking: It has a menu with 8 different cooking options.
  • Power Levels: You can choose from 5 different power levels.
  • Dimensions: It’s a big microwave, measuring 553mm wide, 482mm deep, and 326mm high.
  • Voltage and Power: It runs on 230 volts and 50 hertz, and the grill is really powerful at 1200 to 1400 watts.
  • Weight and Turntable: It weighs 17.7 kilograms, and the turntable inside is 345 millimeters wide.