Hisense H20MOWS10 20L Microwave

This Hisense 20L microwave is a culinary wizard. It uses 700 watts of power to heat food really quickly. Its six pre-programmed cooking menus let you create a variety of delicious meals and snacks; all you have to do is push a button to get it ready! It even thaws frozen food securely and rapidly with its cool auto defrost feature. Cooking your favorite foods is quick and simple with digital controls that are similar to using a fancy device. It’s easy to fit on your counter or table because it’s a bright silver and the perfect size for your kitchen. This microwave is ideal for quickly preparing tasty meals, whether you’re heating up leftovers from dinner or popping popcorn for a movie night.



Looking for a small microwave because of limited space then the Hisense 20L microwave is for you. Here are some key benefits and some specifications to help.

  • Powerful Cooking: This microwave is really strong at 700 watts.
  • Easy Cooking Menus: It has 6 preset cooking menus.
  • Auto Defrost:  Easily and quickly defrost any food.
  • Digital Controls: You use digital buttons to make the microwave work.
  • Size: It’s 20 liters, which means it’s big enough to cook lots of food but still fits perfectly on your kitchen counter or a sturdy table.
  • Product Weight: It’s not too heavy at 12.5 kilograms, so it’s easy to move around if you need to.
  • Product Dimensions: It measures 259 millimeters long, 328 millimeters wide, and 440 millimeters tall.

With the Hisense 20L microwave, you can be a chef right in your own kitchen. It helps you cook food quickly, safely, and easily. Whether you’re making snacks after school, heating up dinner, or trying out a new recipe with your family, this microwave is your perfect kitchen helper.