Hisense H26MOMS5H 26L Microwave

Meet the 26L Hisense Microwave! It’s super easy to use with buttons and a bright blue screen. You can choose from 11 power levels and 6 special cooking menus. It even has a timer that goes up to 99.99 minutes and a clock to keep track of time. Plus, it can defrost by time or weight and cook in stages. You can also preset it, save your favorite settings, and start cooking fast. It has a safety lock for kids and lets you know when your food is done.



The Hisense 26L microwave it’s not too big and not too small—it’s just the perfect size.

  • Electronic Controls: You use buttons to make the microwave work.
  • Lots of Programs: It has 6 different programs that help you cook different kinds of food, like popcorn for movie night or warming up leftovers from dinner.
  • Powerful Cooking: This microwave is really strong at 800 watts.
  • Dimensions: It’s 53.5 cm wide, 40.5 cm deep, and 32.2 cm tall. That means it can fit on your kitchen counter without taking up too much space.
  • Lightweight and Strong: It weighs 12.2 kilograms.
  • Adjustable Power: You can change how strong the microwave cooks your food.

With the Hisense 26L microwave, you can be a chef in your own kitchen.