Hisense WT5T1625DT 16kg Tide 5 Smart Top Loader Washing Machine

A great washer with a large capacity to clean lots of clothing at once is the Hisense 16kg Tide 5 Smart Top Loader Washing Machine! With a see-through lid that let you to watch your laundry spin, it’s attractive in Premium Black. With the electronic controls featuring an LED display, you can select from 12 distinct wash programs, including Normal, Quick Wash, and Baby Care. With features like Lid Lock and Child Lock, it’s also safe. It also comes with a remote control and smart functions like Time Delay! Ideal for households in need of a sturdy, user-friendly washing machine that also looks fantastic in the laundry room.



Introducing the Hisense 16kg Tide 5 Smart Top Loader Washing Machine, a powerful helper for cleaning clothes with lots of cool features to make laundry day easier!

  • Capacity: Wash up to 16 kilograms of laundry at once, great for big families or lots of clothes.
  • Design: Stylish Premium Black cabinet color with a transparent lid so you can see the washing magic happening inside.
  • Inner Drum: Made of strong Stainless Steel to protect clothes during washing.
  • Programs: Choose from 12 different wash programs including Normal, Delicates, Quick Wash, Super Clean, and more.
  • Controls: Easy-to-use electronic controls with an LED display and 14 buttons plus a knob for selecting settings like temperature and water level.
  • Safety Features: Includes Child Lock and Lid Lock to keep everything safe during washing.
  • Convenience: Features like Time Delay so you can set it to wash later, and Auto Power Off for energy savings.
  • Smart Features: Connects with a remote control for easy operation from a distance.
  • Dimensions: Compact size with dimensions of 685mm width, 700mm depth, and 1115mm height, fitting well in any laundry room.

This washing machine is perfect for families who need a big, reliable washer that cleans clothes gently and thoroughly. With its modern design and smart features, laundry day will be a breeze.