Hisense WT5T1825DT 18kg Tide 5 Smart Top Loader Washing Machine

The Hisense 18kg Tide 5 Smart Top Loader Washing Machine is big and powerful. It can wash up to 18 kg of clothes at once and is available in a sleek Premium Black finish with a see-through lid. The simple buttons and knob with an LED display allow you to select from 12 various wash programs, including Normal, Quick Wash, and even Baby Care. It’s safe to use, with features like Child Lock and Button Mute for quieter cleaning. It also offers handy features like Time Delay, which allows you to set it to start later, and it can be controlled with a remote! Perfect for families who require a powerful washing machine that is simple to operate and looks great in the laundry area.



The Hisense 18kg Tide 5 Smart Top Loader Washing Machine is a super powerful washing machine that makes laundry easy and fun! Here’s why:

  • Capacity: Wash up to 18 kilograms of laundry at once, perfect for big families or lots of clothes.
  • Design: Comes in a stylish Premium Black color with a see-through lid, so you can watch your clothes spin and clean.
  • Inner Drum: Made from strong Stainless Steel to protect your clothes and keep them looking new.
  • Programs: Choose from 12 different wash programs like Normal, Quick Wash, and Baby Care using the electronic controls with an LED display.
  • Controls: Easy-to-use buttons and a knob to select options like temperature, water level, and start/pause.
  • Safety Features: Includes Child Lock to keep the settings safe and Button Mute for quiet operation.
  • Smart Features: Has a remote control so you can start or pause the wash from anywhere in the room!
  • Convenience: Features like Time Delay allow you to set the wash to start later, and Auto Power Off saves energy when not in use.
  • Dimensions: Compact size with dimensions of 685mm width, 700mm depth, and 1145mm height, fitting perfectly in your laundry space.

This washing machine is perfect for families who want a big, reliable washer that gets clothes super clean while being easy to use. With its cool design and smart features, laundry day will be a breeze.