Hisense HBO60203 | Oven

The Hisense HBO60203 Oven is 60cm wide and features a trendy Black Glass + Stainless Steel design. This oven is simple to use, with mechanical controls and circular knobs on a stainless steel panel that includes a useful 120-minute mechanical timer. A Cooling Fan ensures safety during operation, as do practical features such as a removable oven door and two layers of door glass for insulation. It has a large 61L enameled cavity with 6 Functions and an Oven Light, making it suitable for a variety of culinary needs. With high-quality Aluminum Alloy knobs and handles, and Easy Clean Enamel for maintenance, this oven ensures efficient cooking from 50ºC to 250ºC with a strong 2900W system certified as Energy Efficiency Class A.



The Hisense HBO60203 Oven is an essential kitchen equipment with solid functionality and a modern design that will make cooking easier. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Design and Build: This oven boasts a 60cm width and a stylish Black Glass + Stainless Steel finish, combining durability with modern aesthetics.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Operate effortlessly with Mechanical controls and round knobs on a Stainless-Steel control panel, complemented by a convenient Mechanical 120-minute Timer.
  • Safety and Convenience: Featuring a Cooling Fan for enhanced safety during operation, it includes practical elements like a Removable Oven Door and two layers of Door Glasses for better insulation.
  • Interior Features: Illuminate your culinary creations with an Interior Oven Light and benefit from the durable enameled cavity that simplifies cleaning.
  • Cooking Capabilities: With 6 Functions plus an Oven Light, including options like Upper Heat + Bottom Heat + Fan Assist, it caters to a variety of cooking needs.
  • Accessories: It comes equipped with essential accessories: 1 Grid Rack and 1 Tray for immediate use.
  • Performance Specifications: Achieve precise cooking temperatures ranging from 50ºC to 250ºC in its 61L capacity cavity, powered by a 2900W energy-efficient system classified under Energy Efficiency Class A.
  • Additional Details: Built with high-quality Aluminum Alloy knobs and handles and featuring Easy Clean Enamel for hassle-free maintenance.

Whether you’re baking, roasting, or grilling, the Hisense HBO60203 Oven offers reliability, efficiency, and ease of use, making it a perfect choice for any household kitchen.