Hisense H670SIB-WD | (Side by side) Refrigerator

Presenting the Side-by-Side Refrigerator, Hisense H670SIB-WD! This large, contemporary refrigerator is ideal for keeping your drinks cold and food fresh. There are two doors on it: one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. It is elegant and colored Titanium Inox. Here’s why it’s fantastic: It uses extremely little energy, thus it conserves electricity while maintaining a cool environment. You can find anything you need with ease because to the LED lighting and movable shelves within. Additionally, it boasts unique characteristics such a frost-free design that prevents ice buildup inside and a fast cooling function. Not just a fridge, the Hisense H670SIB-WD is a stylish complement to any kitchen, keeping your food fresh and your snacks cold.


Welcome to the Hisense H670SIB-WD Side-by-Side Refrigerator This fridge is big and cool, perfect for keeping all your favorite snacks and drinks fresh and cold. Let’s take a closer look at some of its features:

  • Design: It’s a big fridge with two doors side by side.
  • Color:  Titanium Inox color, which makes it look modern and stylish in any kitchen.
  • Space: Inside 514 liters.
  • Energy Efficient:  A+ rating for energy efficiency.
  • Cool Features: It has a special system that makes sure both the fridge and freezer stay frost-free.
  • Adjustable Shelves: You can move the shelves around to fit big things like cakes or tall bottles.
  • Control Panel: It has buttons you can press to change the temperature.
  • Dimensions: It’s about 910mm wide, 641mm deep, and 1780mm tall.
  • Weight: It weighs 100 kilograms when it’s empty.
  • Noise Level: It’s really quiet, only 43 decibels when it’s running.
  • Extras: It even has a special drawer for keeping vegetables fresh and a place to make ice cubes.