Hisense H60BISPS | Hob and Oven

Introducing the Hisense H60BISPS Hob and Oven, a superb kitchen combination designed to make cooking simple and enjoyable! The beautiful stainless steel stove has four heating zones, including a unique Hi-Speed plate for quick cooking. The oven, with its sleek black glass and stainless steel finish, is operated by simple round knobs and includes many useful features such as a timer and interior lighting. It’s ideal for baking, grilling, and preparing a variety of delicious dishes. Furthermore, its distinctive enamel coating inside makes it extremely easy to clean up after cooking. Prepare to cook a storm and make your kitchen look fantastic with the Hisense H60BISPS.



The Hisense H60BISPS Hob and Oven, your ultimate kitchen companion packed with features to make cooking easy:

  • Hob Features: This stainless-steel cooktop has four heating zones with different power outputs, including a Hi-Speed plate for speedier cooking.
  • Oven Features: The oven, completed in sleek black glass and stainless steel, has mechanical controls, a 120-minute timer, and four cooking options, including grilling and baking.
  • Safety and Convenience: It includes a removable oven door and inner glass for easy cleaning, along with 2 layers of door glass for heat insulation and safety.
  • Energy Efficiency: The oven is rated Class A for energy efficiency, ensuring it operates efficiently while saving energy.
  • Dimensions and Weight: The hob measures 580 x 510 x 52mm, weighs 9.0kg net and 10.0kg gross, while the oven measures 595 x 530 x 595mm, weighs 28kg net and 29kg gross.
  • Additional Features: Includes 5 shelf positions in the oven, an interior light for easy monitoring, and accessories such as a tray and grid rack for versatile cooking.

The Hisense H60BISPS Hob and Oven is designed to make cooking enjoyable and hassle-free, whether you’re baking, grilling, or using the hob for everyday meals. It’s perfect for families and anyone who loves delicious home-cooked food in a stylish, efficient appliance.