Hisense DVDL80S 8KG Air Vented Dryer

With the Hisense 8KG Air Vented Dryer, drying clothing will be quick and simple. Because of its unique characteristics, this dryer is simple to operate and maintain. It knows precisely how to dry your clothing since it has a sophisticated sensor that measures the air’s humidity. Cleaning the filter is simple. A unique feature of this dryer helps remove creases from your clothing. Using the 24-hour delay feature, you can also program the dryer to start at a later time.


Discover the Hisense 8KG Air Vented Dryer.

The dryer has a setting to sense how much moisture is in the air. This means it can adjust its heat and drying time to make sure your clothes come out perfectly dry and fluffy.

But that’s not all! The Hisense 8KG Air Vented Dryer also has some other features that make it easy to use and maintain:

LED Lighting: The dryer has bright LED lights that illuminate the drum.

Easy Clean Filter: The filter is easy to remove and clean.

Automatic Anti-Crease Function: Save Time on Ironing with this function.

Intelligent LED Display: The display screen shows you all the settings and options, making it easy to choose the right cycle for your clothes.

24-Hour Delay Dry:  Set 24 hours in advance for a more convenient time.

The dryers air vented design is perfect for drying bulky items like blankets and pillows. The dryer is energy-efficient and quiet.