Hisense 5S Series DH5S102BB 10kg Premium Black Heat Pump Tumbler Dryer

For your clothing, the Hisense 5S Series 10kg Premium Black Heat Pump Tumbler Dryer is like a magic device! Up to 10 kilograms of clothing at a time, or a large stack of laundry, can be dried with great efficiency. Additionally, it has an A+++ rating for environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Its luxury black appearance belies its excellent fit in your house thanks to its dimensions: 845 mm tall, 595 mm wide, and 660 mm deep. You can always rely on this dryer to keep your garments warm, comfortable, and ready to wear.


The Hisense 5S Series 10kg Premium Black Heat Pump Tumbler Dryer.

  • Allergy Care: This dryer helps get rid of allergens, like dust and pollen, from your clothes. That means your clothes are not only clean but also better for sensitive skin.
  • Connect Life: Is an app special design for you to track how much water and electricity you use.
  • Heat Pump Technology: This is the magic that makes your clothes dry without getting too hot. It saves energy and keeps your clothes soft and comfy.
  • Anti-Crease – Iron ion: It keeps out the wrinkles.
  • Specifications: Energy Efficiency Class: It’s super-efficient, rated A+++! That means it uses less energy and is good for the environment.
  • Load Size: It can dry up to 10 kilograms of clothes at once.
  • Dimensions: It’s 845 millimeters tall, 595 millimeters wide, and 660 millimeters deep.

With the Hisense 5S Series 10kg Premium Black Heat Pump Tumbler Dryer, you can make laundry day easy and fun. It takes care of your clothes so they’re always clean, soft, and ready to wear. No more waiting for clothes to dry on a clothesline—just toss them in the dryer and let the magic happen.