Hisense H42MOMIN 42L Microwave

Introducing the Hisense 42L Microwave, a versatile kitchen appliance designed for efficient cooking and convenience. With its spacious capacity and advanced features, this microwave is ideal for families and individuals alike. It boasts a sleek silver design with a mirror door glass and chrome handle, enhancing the aesthetic of any kitchen. Featuring digital controls and a handle for easy opening, it includes essential functions like inverter technology for precise cooking, along with a powerful 1200W microwave, 1300-1400W grill, and 2700-2800W convection power. With 5 power levels and 6 auto cooking menus, it offers flexibility in meal preparation. Other highlights include a digital clock, child safety lock, weight/speed defrost, and a cooking end signal. Whether reheating leftovers or preparing a full meal, the Hisense 42L Microwave ensures efficient and reliable performance with every use.


Introducing the Hisense 42L Microwave, a powerful and feature-rich appliance designed to simplify cooking tasks while offering versatility and safety features suitable for families. Here’s what makes the Hisense 42L Microwave an excellent choice:

  • Capacity and Power: With a spacious 42-liter capacity, it accommodates larger dishes and meals, ideal for family use. It operates at 1200W microwave power, 1300-1400W grill power, and 2700-2800W convection power, ensuring efficient cooking and baking.
  • Design and Build: Featuring a sleek silver finish on the front, housing, and door/control panel with a stylish chrome handle, complemented by a mirror door glass and a durable stainless steel (STS) cavity.
  • User-Friendly Features: Equipped with digital controls and a handle for easy opening, it includes a digital clock, a timer up to 95 minutes, and 5 power levels for customized cooking.
  • Convenient Functions: Offers 6 auto cooking menus for easy meal preparation, along with speedy start cooking for quick heating needs. It also includes weight/speed defrost, multi-stage cooking, and a cooking end signal.
  • Safety and Additional Features: Comes with a child safety lock to prevent accidental operation, an inquiring function for added convenience, and a 24-hour clock setting for accurate timing.

The Hisense 42L Microwave combines ample capacity, advanced cooking functions, and safety features to cater to diverse culinary needs, making it an essential appliance in any modern kitchen. Whether you’re reheating leftovers, baking, or cooking a full meal, this microwave offers reliability and efficiency with every use.