Hisense H420LS 320lt Pigeon Pair Refrigerator

Presenting the H420LS Pigeon Pair Refrigerator from Hisense This is a tall, freestanding refrigerator with a rounded door and a convenient handle. Up to 320 liters of food can fit within, along with a dedicated 22-liter chiller area. Because of its automated defrosting and computerized controls, it maintains freshness inside without any frost. Additionally, a blue LED light alerts you if the inside temperature rises too high. It’s simple to arrange everything to your preference thanks to the numerous door racks and movable shelves. Moreover, it saves electricity due to its exceptional energy efficiency. Ideal for maintaining the freshness and coldness of your delicacies throughout the day.


Introducing the Hisense H420LS Pigeon Pair Refrigerator it’s freestanding larder with a sleek Brushed Stainless finish and a rounded door profile.

  • Capacity: Inside, it holds up to 320 liters of delicious snacks and drinks, with a special 22-liter chiller room included.
  • Cooling Ability: Works perfectly in different room temperatures, from as low as 10°C up to 38°C.
  • Automatic Defrosting: It automatically defrosts to keep everything fresh without ice buildup.
  • Frost Free: No need to manually defrost—it keeps itself frost-free all the time.
  • Wind Air System: Ensures cool air circulates evenly throughout the fridge.
  • Digital Control Panel: Easy to use with LED display and control lamps for temperature adjustments.
  • Super Cooling: Quickly chills your drinks and snacks when you need them extra cold.
  • Over Temperature Alarm: A blue LED light lets you know if it’s getting too warm inside.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: You can change the temperature to keep everything just right.
  • Shelves and Storage: It has four transparent shelves and two crispers—one with a humidity function—to keep fruits and veggies fresh.
  • Door Storage: Five racks on the door hold all your favorite drinks and snacks.
  • Additional Features: Includes adjustable feet and castors for easy moving, and its energy efficient with an A+ rating, which means it saves electricity.
  • Dimensions: Measures 595 x 651 x 1746mm (W/D/H) without the handle, with a net weight of 66kg and a gross weight of 74kg.
  • Power Supply: Runs on standard household electricity (220-240V, 50Hz) and consumes about 0.43 kWh of energy per day, which is super-efficient.