Hisense H390CFS 297l Chest Freezer

A wonderful complement to any kitchen is the metallic-finished Hisense 297L Chest Freezer.The purpose of this freezer is energy conservation. Any melted ice may be easily cleaned off thanks to its clever defrost drain mechanism. It may be used as a freezer, refrigerator, or chiller thanks to its multimode feature. Two wire baskets are contained within. The freezer’s feet are movable. It is large enough but still small enough to fit in your kitchen, measuring 1114 mm wide, 630 mm deep, and 842 mm high. For fresh food preservation and kitchen organization, the Hisense 297L Chest Freezer is a dependable option, ideal for stockpiling frozen treats for summer or preserving leftovers.




The Hisense 297L Chest Freezer Metallic is an appliance that’s perfect for keeping your favorite foods frozen and fresh. Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • Capacity: It has a huge 297-liter capacity.
  • Energy Saving: It saves electricity, which means it helps to keep your energy bills lower.
  • Defrost Drain System: Makes it easy to clean up any water that melts from the ice.
  • Multimode Function: You can use it as a fridge, chiller, or freezer, depending on what you need at the time.
  • Metallic Spring-load Hinges: These strong hinges make sure the door closes properly every time.
  • 2 PCS Wire Basket: Helps you organize your food neatly inside the freezer.
  • Aluminum Interior: Keeps everything cold and fresh inside.
  • Fast Freeze Function: Quickly freezes fresh food to keep it tasty and preserve nutrients.
  • External Handle with Lock: Keeps your food safe and secure with a lock on the handle.
  • Adjustable Feet: Makes it easy to level the freezer on any surface.
  • Dimensions: It’s 1114mm wide, 630mm deep, and 842mm high, so it’s big enough to hold a lot of food but still fits in your kitchen.

Whether you’re storing popsicles for summer or keeping frozen pizzas ready for movie nights, the Hisense 297L Chest Freezer Metallic is a great choice for your kitchen. It’s durable, convenient, and helps you keep your food fresh for longer.