Hisense WTY1802T 18KG Washing Machine

The Hisense 18KG Washing Machine in Titanium Grey is a powerful washer with plenty of useful features! It can wash up to 18 kg of garments at once, making it ideal for large families or heavy loads of laundry. The LED display allows you to easily observe and select your wash settings. Normal, Heavy, and Quick Wash. You can also use the Time Delay feature to start the washing process later. It also has a Child Lock feature to keep settings secure. This washing machine is ideal for anyone who wants clean clothes with no effort.


The Hisense 18KG Washing Machine in Titanium Grey is a super powerful washer designed to make laundry days easy and efficient. Here’s some key features

  • Capacity: It can wash up to 18 kilograms of clothes at once, perfect for big loads or large families.
  • Design: With a sleek LED display and easy-to-use buttons, it looks cool and is simple to operate.
  • Programs: Choose from a variety of wash programs including Normal, Heavy, Quick Wash, and even specialty programs like Soak and Air Dry.
  • Features: It has useful features like a Child Lock to keep settings safe, and a Time Delay option so you can start the wash later.
  • Dimensions: It’s 685mm wide, 700mm deep, and 1070mm tall, fitting well in any laundry space.
  • Additional: Includes programs for different types of clothes like Shirts, Sportswear, and even Down Jackets, making sure everything gets cleaned just right.

This washing machine from Hisense is perfect for families who need a reliable and powerful washer that’s easy to use and gets clothes super clean.