Hisense WTX1602T 16KG Washing Machine

Introducing the massive laundry day assistant, the Hisense 16KG Washing Machine! It has a bright LED display, an easy-to-use sticker control panel, and a sleek titanium gray appearance. You may wash up to 16 kg of clothing at once, including large blankets and numerous outfits. Its sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel tub inside keeps your clothing clean. Along with many other useful features, the machine offers two water inlets for rapid filling and a kid lock for safety. It also features a glass door that is see-through so you can observe your clothing spinning! Doing laundry is made simple and effortless with this washing machine’s computerized controls and adjustable feet.


The Hisense 16KG Washing Machine is your super helper for keeping clothes clean and fresh! It’s packed with cool features like a see-through door, smart controls, and even a child lock to keep everyone safe. Whether you’re washing your favorite jeans or a big pile of blankets, this machine is perfect for getting your laundry done quickly and easily.


  • Child Lock: Keeps the machine safe when it’s running.
  • Water Inlets: Has 2 inlets for water to come in, making washing efficient
  • Drain Pump: Includes a pump with a filter to drain water easily
  • Push Buttons: 6 buttons to choose different washing settings
  • Auto Power Off: Turns off by itself when the wash is done
  • Detergent Dispenser: Puts detergent in at just the right time
  • Softener: Adds softener to make clothes feel nice and soft
  • Transparent Lid: Glass door lets you see your clothes spinning around
  • Adjustable Feet: Has one adjustable foot at the front left to keep it steady
  • Controls: Uses electronic controls for easy operation
  • Water Levels: Adjusts water levels automatically
  • Buzzer: Makes a sound when the wash is finished
  • Fuzzy Logic: Smart technology that picks the best settings for your clothes


  • Net Dimensions (W x D x H): 650 x 670 x 1040mm – about as wide as a big desk, a bit deeper than a big chair, and as tall as a tall person
  • Packing Dimensions (Carton) (W x D x H): 705 x 735 x 1115mm – about as wide as a big TV, a bit deeper than a big suitcase, and as tall as a tall person standing on a chair
  • Net Weight: Weighs 50 kilograms – about as heavy as ten big bags of potatoes
  • Gross Weight: 55 kilograms – a bit heavier than ten big bags of potatoes

Power Supply:

  • Voltage: Runs on 220-240 volts of electricity
  • Frequency: Operates at 50 Hertz