Hisense H175CF (Chest Freezer) Refrigerator White

The 142L Chest Freezer from Hisense is here. This freezer is brilliant white in color and features one huge door. It has a 4-star rating for freezing and maintains its cold using a unique coolant called R600a. Up to 142 liters of food can fit inside. You can maintain the ideal level of coldness with its simple mechanical controls and manual defrosting mechanism. It is also energy-efficient, which helps conserve electricity and protects your food from damage even in the event of a 32-hour power outage. You can keep all of your favorite frozen delicacies fresh and ready to eat whenever you want them with the Hisense 142L Chest Freezer.



Introducing the Hisense 142L Chest Freezer.  This freezer is designed with one big door and comes in a classic white color.

General Features:

  • Type: Chest Freezer.
  • Coolant Type: Uses R600a coolant to keep everything nice and cold.
  • Capacity: Holds up to 142 liters of food.
  • Climate Class: Works best in temperatures from 10 to 32 degrees Celsius, so it’s great for warm places.
  • Freezing Capacity: Freezes up to 13 kilograms of food in just 24 hours.

Key Features:

  • Defrosting: You have to defrost it manually.
  • Control System: Easy-to-use mechanical controls make it simple to adjust how cold you want it.
  • Storage Time during Power Failure: Keeps food frozen for up to 32 hours if the power goes out.
  • Handle: It has a strong external handle to make it easy to open and close.
  • Door Design: The foaming door keeps the cold inside where it belongs.
  • Energy Efficiency: It’s super-efficient with energy, which means it doesn’t use too much electricity.
  • Adjustable Feet: You can adjust one foot to make sure the freezer stands steady.
  • Dimensions: Measures 625 millimeters wide, 559 millimeters deep, and 854 millimeters tall.
  • Weight: It weighs 27 kilograms net and 29 kilograms gross—light enough to move around but sturdy enough to keep your food safe.

The Hisense 142L Chest Freezer is perfect for families who need extra freezer space for their favorite frozen treats. Whether it’s ice cream, frozen veggies, or your secret stash of popsicles, this freezer keeps everything icy cold and ready to enjoy.