Hisense WSCF143 14/7.5KG Washing Machine

The Hisense 14/7.5KG Washing Machine is a dependable option for efficiently processing both large and small laundry loads. With a sleek white cabinet and a clear blue lid.This washing machine also has a large drum with a maximum water level of 94 liters, making it suitable for family use. It’s simple to set up and has simple controls. It runs on 220-240V and 50Hz, with a wash power of 600W and a spin power of 200W respectively. It weighs 28.5 kilograms net and 33 kilograms gross and is designed to effectively handle up-drain drainage, making washing day a breeze.



The Hisense 14/7.5KG Washing Machine is a versatile appliance suitable for both large and small laundry loads. It features a durable white cabinet with a transparent blue lid, making it easy to observe the washing process. With a spin speed of 1250 rpm, this machine ensures efficient washing and drying. Here are some key specifications broken down:

  • Capacity: Offers a washing capacity of 14 kilograms for larger loads and 7.5 kilograms for smaller loads.
  • Design: Built with a PP cabinet, ABS panel and cover, and PP pulsator and frame for durability.
  • Features: Includes a filter, spin spray for effective cleaning, and a high back design for stability.
  • Noise Levels: Operates quietly with wash noise ≤ 62dB and spin noise ≤ 72dB.
  • Water Usage: Utilizes up-drain drainage with a highest water level of 94 liters.
  • Dimensions: Measures 890mm in width, 535mm in depth, and 1042mm in height; packaged dimensions are 920mm x 570mm x 1030mm.
  • Weight: Weighs 28.5 kilograms net and 33 kilograms gross, making it sturdy yet manageable.
  • Power: Runs on a 220-240V voltage with a frequency of 50Hz, and includes wash power of 600W, wash out power of 250W, spin power of 200W, and spin out power of 60W.

This washing machine is designed to handle various types of laundry efficiently while being user-friendly with its straightforward controls and robust build.