Hisense WTX1302T 13KG Washing Machine

Presenting the sleek titanium-colored Hisense 13KG Washing Machine, your new laundry assistant with a vivid LED display! It can wash up to 13 kg of clothing at once, including your well-loved jeans and comfortable blankets. You can quickly select the washing method you desire for your clothes thanks to its fuzzy control. There are numerous washing procedures available, ranging from a fast wash for pressing clothing to a soft wash for delicate ones. Additionally, it features a unique feature that allows you to postpone the start of your wash, so you may schedule it for a later time if you’re out having fun. It even features a memory feature that remembers where it stopped and a kid lock to keep things secure.


Make laundry day a breeze with the Hisense 13KG Washing Machine, designed to handle big loads with ease and packed with smart features for cleaner clothes every time.


  • 10 Washing Programs: Includes options for different fabric types and cleaning needs.
  • Double Water Inlets: Ensures efficient water intake for thorough cleaning.
  • Twist less & Fuzzy Control: Easy-to-use controls for selecting the right wash cycle.
  • Quick Wash: Get your laundry done faster when you’re in a hurry.
  • Tempered Glass Damping: Sturdy glass door that opens smoothly and quietly.
  • Time Delay Function: Set your wash to start later, up to 23 hours in advance, to fit your schedule.
  • Titanium Colour with LED Display: Modern design with a clear display for easy monitoring.
  • Smart Water & Power Usage: Automatically adjusts water and energy consumption for efficient operation.
  • Tub dimensions: 505 millimeters in diameter and 375 millimeters deep.
  • Net dimensions (W x D x H): 610 millimeters wide, 630 millimeters deep, and 990 millimeters high.
  • Net weight: 43 kilograms.
  • Gross weight: 47 kilograms.

Smart Features:

  • 360° Smart Wash Technology: Automatically adjusts washing time based on laundry weight.
  • Stop & Reload: Add forgotten items even after the wash cycle has started.
  • Smart Detergent Dissolving: Adjusts water temperature to dissolve detergent effectively.
  • Smart Spin Imbalance Adjustment: Ensures smooth and quiet spin cycles by redistributing laundry.
  • Smart Foam Control: Adjusts foam levels during washing to prevent residue on clothes.
  • Smart Wash Time Adjustment: Adapts wash duration based on the amount of laundry.

The Hisense 13KG Washing Machine is not just a washer; it’s your laundry companion that makes washing clothes simpler and more efficient. Whether you’re washing heavy blankets or delicate fabrics, its advanced features ensure optimal cleaning performance while saving water and energy. With a sleek titanium finish and intuitive LED display, it’s designed to fit seamlessly into your home.