Dream wardrobe

The Dream wardrobe stands out as a top pick due to its usefulness and elegant appearance. It has double hanging space and a top storage box, giving you plenty of area to neatly organize your clothes and accessories. It also has a tiny vanity cabinet with a mirror and four drawers, which provides varied storage for personal goods. The Dream wardrobe’s dimensions are 1820mm H x 1300mm W x 456mm D, making it suitable for a variety of room sizes without compromising storage space. It comes in a variety of stylish finishes, including Imbuia, beech, cedar, charcoal, black, and white, and blends in perfectly with any interior décor, making it a great addition to improve both utility and aesthetic appeal in your house.



The Dream wardrobe exemplifies both utility and elegance, providing a comprehensive storage solution designed for modern living spaces. Below is a thorough overview of its features:

  • Best-selling design: The Dream wardrobe is a popular choice among homeowners looking for storage solutions that are both useful and stylish.
  • Double Hanging Space: With double hanging space, the wardrobe provides ample room to organize and store a wide range of clothing items, from dresses to shirts and coats.
  • Top Storage Box: Enhancing its utility, the wardrobe includes a convenient top storage box. This feature is perfect for storing seasonal items, extra bedding, or other belongings that need to be easily accessible yet neatly tucked away.
  • A sensible addition to the wardrobe is a little vanity cabinet with a mirror. This area is great for storing and arranging personal grooming products, making your daily routine more convenient.
  • Four Drawers: With four drawers, the Dream wardrobe provides extra storage for smaller items like accessories, socks, and underwear. These drawers keep items organized and accessible.
  • Dimensions: Standing at 1820mm H x 1300mm W x 456mm D, the wardrobe strikes a balance between spaciousness and a compact footprint. This makes it suitable for various room sizes and layouts, accommodating storage needs without overwhelming the space.
  • Available Colours: The Dream wardrobe comes in a variety of attractive finishes, including Imbuia, beech, cedar, charcoal, black, and white. Whether you like a rich wood tone or a sleek modern design, these color options allow you to select a finish that blends effortlessly with your interior decor.