Defy Twin tube DTT169 8kg

Introducing the Defy Twin Tube DTT166 8kg Washing Machine, a flexible complement to any washing routine. This twin tub washer has effective washing and spinning capabilities, making it suitable for households seeking dependable performance. With a sturdy lid for longevity and a sophisticated paddling pulsator for optimum cleaning, it delivers comprehensive results with every load. With a capacity of 60 liters each cycle and adjustable water levels, it can adapt to changing laundry needs while conserving water. The machine has two wash modes and easy wash and spin timers for increased versatility. It’s made of polypropylene wash and spin tubs, has a drain pump, and lint and drain filters for long-term reliability. The dimensions are Height: 991 x Width 819 x Depth 482 mm.



Experience efficient and reliable laundry care with the Defy Twin Tube DTT166 8kg Washing Machine in classic White. This twin tub model is designed to handle your laundry needs effectively, offering a range of features for convenience and performance:

  • Solid Lid: Provides durability and stability during operation.
  • Advanced Paddled Pulsator: Ensures thorough cleaning of clothes.
  • 60 Liters per Cycle: Ample capacity for washing larger loads.
  • Adjustable Water Level Indicator: Allows customization based on load size.
  • 2 Wash Options: Choose from different washing programs to suit fabric types.
  • Wash & Spin Timers: Control washing and spinning durations separately.
  • Polypropylene Wash & Spin Tubs: Durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Drain Pump: Facilitates easy drainage after each cycle.
  • Lint & Drain Filters: Helps maintain machine performance by trapping lint and debris.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 991 x 819 x 482 mm, compact yet spacious enough for efficient washing.

Ideal for households seeking a robust and versatile washing solution, the Defy DTT166 delivers on performance and reliability, ensuring clean and fresh laundry with every use.