Bison kitchen unit

The Bison Kitchen Unit’s adaptable 3-piece design provides a practical and cost-effective option for kitchen organizing. This unit has a double grocery unit with two doors and four shelves, two door bases with one drawer and two shelves, and a kitchen dresser with four solid doors, four shelves, and one drawer. It provides plenty of storage for groceries, cookware, and kitchen items. Its dimensions are H 1700mm x W 1916mm x D 296mm, which make it suitable for a variety of kitchen layouts. The Bison Kitchen Unit, available in a variety of elegant finishes such as Imbuia, beech, cedar, charcoal, black, and white, blends utility with aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal addition to any home kitchen.



The Bison Kitchen Unit provides a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for organizing and improving your kitchen area. This three-piece item is created with utility in mind, and features:

  • Double Door Grocery unit: Features two sections, each with two doors, and four shelves for extra storage. This layout provides for the effective organization of groceries, kitchen supplies, and other necessities.
  • Two Door Base: With one drawer and two shelves each, this base provides additional storage and organization possibilities. They are perfect for keeping pots, pans, cutlery, and other kitchen things easily accessible.
  • Kitchen Dresser: The dresser has four solid doors, four shelves, and one drawer. The four solid doors are separated with an opening. The top can be used for glasses, while the bottom is suitable for kitchenware.
  • Dimensions: The Bison Kitchen Unit Measures H 1700mm x W 1916mm x D 296mm and is designed to optimize storage capacity without taking up too much floor space. Its compact yet large form works well with a variety of kitchen layouts, providing functionality and convenience.
  • The Bison Kitchen Unit comes in a variety of attractive finishes, including Imbuia, beech, cedar, charcoal, black, and white. Whether you like a warm wood tone or a sleek, modern design, these options enable you to select a finish that effortlessly matches your kitchen decor.

The Bison Kitchen Unit is designed to be both affordable and functional, making it an excellent alternative for families wishing to improve their kitchen storage. Whether you’re storing groceries, cookware, or utensils, its intelligent design makes good use of space while improving the overall organization and functionality of your kitchen.