Belmond Bonnell

Introducing the Belmond Bonnell Mattress, where comfort meets durability to ensure a good night’s sleep. With a solid slatted pine base and protected double-walled cardboard, it holds up to 130kgs per person, ensuring both quality and resilience. It also comes with a 20-year service warranty and a 3-year guarantee. The Belmond Bonnell Mattress is your first pick for a comforting and relaxing sleep experience.


Experience the sumptuous comfort of the Belmond Bonnell Mattress, which was precisely developed to deliver great support and durability. This mattress features a durable 2.34mm High Count Bonnel Spring System that provides excellent spinal alignment and support throughout the night. The key features include:

  • Insulator Pads for Durability and Stability: Prevents wear and tear and preserves mattress integrity.
  • Polyethylene Waves and Corners for Edge Support: Provides enhanced edge support, reducing drooping and increasing mattress durability.
  • 10mm, 64kg/m3 Reconstructed Foam Support Layer: Provides firmness and stability to the mattress while accommodating your body’s natural contours.
  • 20mm 30kg/m3 Foam Comfort Layers: Offers a plush comfort layer for a cozy and restful sleep experience.
  • 20mm 40 Density Cool Gel Foam regulates temperature by dissipating heat, keeping you cool and comfortable all night.
  • 13x posture Bars, 60% Weight Bearing Area: Distributes weight evenly across the mattress, minimizing pressure points and creating a comfortable sleep position.
  • High Density Edge Support: Reinforced edges prevent roll-off and maximize the usable sleep surface.
  • Knitted Anti-Acaria Fabric Quilted with 20mm Class 30/14 polyurethane foam and 270gram Dacron fiber: The hypoallergenic and breathable fabric increases comfort while decreasing allergies.
  • Base: Includes a slatted pine base with double-walled cardboard and 10mm foam protection, upholstered to match the mattress, enhancing both durability and aesthetic appeal.


  • 20 Year Service Warranty: Ensures long-term peace of mind with comprehensive service coverage.
  • 3 Year Guarantee: Provides protection against manufacturing defects, ensuring quality and reliability.

Weight Guideline:

  • Supports up to 130kg per person, accommodating a wide range of body types for consistent comfort and support.

The Belmond Bonnell Mattress is the ultimate of quality and comfort, designed to improve your sleep quality and give long-term support. This meticulously created mattress, which combines sophisticated technologies and quality materials, will transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation.